5 June 2011

V05 Hot Oil Moisture Soak Review.

" For you V05 has created Moisture Soak Hot Oil an intensive pre-shampoo treatmeant infused with a blend of 5 vital oils & while pearl extracts to repair & hydrate your hair. For best results use weekly.

To countract the damage that heat styling, colouring and frequent brushing can cause, V05 Moisture Soak Hot Oil uses the power to heat and penetrates deeply within the hair to:

* Restore moisture for dramatic results in just 1 minute.
* Doulbe the strength of hair to reduce breakage.
* Seek out & bind a weak sites of every strand.
* Removes 75% more chlorine than shampooing alone."

I'm on a bit of a hair product addiction thing at the moment, For good reason - my hair is... well...damaged!!! I colour it, I straighten it, I do just about everything that you shouldn't do to it! And I'm now paying the price, sadly. So when I saw these little beautys I thought I'd give them ago. After just using one my hair felt softer (not as super soft as I'd of liked... but it's a start) I think there ok!! I'm not sure I'll rush out and stock up on them!!

I give this product 3 out of 6 Little Miss Beauty points!

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